Our clients consider Lake Chestermere Tire and Mechanics their trusted one-stop shop for auto repair in Calgary. At Lake Chestermere Tire and Mechanics , we know the value of satisfied customers. Our goal is to provide you with the best available auto repair in the Calgary area and to keep you coming back to see us for all your auto service needs.

Lake Chestermere Tire and Mechanics  has developed a name for quick, affordable and reliable service. We’ve built our reputation on reliable service that treats the customer as king and your car or truck as a valued possession. So when you need repairs, routine maintenance, a new set of winter tires or an oil change in Calgary, Lake Chestermere Tire and Mechanics  is the place to go.

Preventative Maintenance

Lake Chestermere Tire and Mechanics is a trusted provider of quick, convenient and thorough vehicle maintenance services, including the Full-Service Oil Change, Cooling System Service, Automatic Transmission Flush, Gearbox Fluid Replacement Service, Cabin Air Filter Replacement, Battery Replacement, and more. You relax as our trained technicians perform the services you request or we recommend.


Mechanical Service and Repair:

We have one of the best group of guys fixing cars and trucks in the Calgary area. We are all journeyman mechanics with a 35 year red seal mechanic at the top. We love our customers so come in and visit us today for repairs or preventative maintenance.

Tire Service:

Our new and used tire service is managed by a top notch journeyman mechanic that is specially trained in tires.

We can price match all of your tire needs and give you that local customized service.


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